Explore Bioenergy Training: Learn Bioenergetics Concepts & Techniques

Bioenergy training is a specialty in the field of alternative medicine, and this certification will train you on the concepts of bioenergetics. The course covers what bioenergy is, its history, how to practice it and most importantly the licensing requirements. You’ll also take specific training courses on the following topics: diagnostic skills for assessing biological fields; therapeutic skill development; organizational consultation for practices or businesses; teaching skills for group facilitations with both adults and children.

Bioenergy is an alternative energy healing modality that can be used on humans, animals and plants. It is based on the concept of bioenergy fields, which are invisible energy streams in the body that are constantly in motion. Bioenergetic practitioners claim that by learning to manipulate these fields through their hands, they can influence organ function, brain activity and emotional well being.

Bioenergy training is a practice that has been around for many years with roots in Indian ayurvedic medicine. However it has only recently gained ground in the U.S. with a growing number of practitioners offering treatments for pain management and stress reduction.

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  2. How to use bioenergetic practice in treatment and diagnosis according to TCM theory;
  3. Treatment, diagnosis Method of Acupuncture;
  4. Classification of acupuncture points;
  5. Disease classification according to Acupuncture method;
  6. Objective evaluation of acupuncture technique;
  7. Technical content of acupuncture energy meridians and their functional roles in disease treatment according to TCM theory;


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