How to be Fluent in English in a Few Days

There are many ways to learn English within a few days. English has now become a national and international language in many countries of the world. English is used as their national language even in most countries English is the official language in any case they have other native languages. We have done different English Courses for the sake of learning English.

There are many applications, websites and different Slide shares that are helpful for learning and speaking in English. We can also take help from native speaker’s classes.But apart from that a lot of people are not comfortable talking about English because they feel hesitant to speak fluently. there are most apparent ways to learn and speak English in a few days like consult to the dictionary reading books etc 

How to be Fluent in English in a Few Days 6 simple hacks:

1.Start speaking English

If we want to speak English fluently then we should start speaking English practice . Practice makes a man perfect so when we use English in our daily routine and treat it like our native language then we are comfortable with it and avoid any kind of hesitation that we are used to. It’s easy to talk to our friends and family in English to learn and speak fast.

2.Think in English

It seems easy to think before speaking if we want to talk in English then we should start thinking and making a paragraph in our mind that is very useful for speaking and being fluent in English. When making a plot before conversation then conversation and any kind of negotiation are easy. It is a secure way to avoid being hesitant in front of experts in English. Thinking about phrases and idioms whether they are good to speak or not.

3.Reading novels and books

Reading is a source of speedy knowledge that helps make any human being a sensible and educated person, reading English novels, especially George Bernard Shaw, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, etc. Geoffrey Chaucer is the godfather of English. Reading course books are also useful for speaking and learning fluent English.  

4. Get a personal tutor

Teachers and tutors play a vital role in our educational life but many times they teach us how to tackle our difficulties and how to cross hurdles and become stronger in any kind of field of life. So for the sake of fluency in English consult a tutor and learn and speak English. Tutors speak English to polish our English skills.

5. Work on pronunciation 

When taking serious steps to learn and speak English then focus on pronunciation using Google assistant and many English learning videos and watch English movies for being perfect in English. It’s very comfortable speaking English in front of many people who know English when your pronunciation of words is perfect. It’s very easy in any language to learn when we keenly observe their theories and instructions English vowels, tenses and verbs are also beneficial for fluent in English 

6. Learn phrases and idioms 

It’s very easy to speak and learn English when working upon phrases and idioms and is used in our daily life to avoid long sentences and use phrases that are useful to complete sentences. It seems like you have native and updated language skills. It seems that you have good knowledge of updated English. 


English is official as well as national and international language in many countries. English is not a tough language when we work on learning and speaking English then we are master of it in a few days .like there are a lot of simple hacks for learning and speaking English like learning pronunciation, learning phrases and idioms, Consult to the tutor, Reading novels and books and speak and think in English 

When we follow a schedule to learn and speak English in a few days then being fluent in English is not a big deal for anyone. Speaking and learning English is not as difficult as I think It’s a simple language like other languages 




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