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How does Purchase Credit Cards from HSBC Work?

There was a time when having cash in your pocket was very important. But now credit cards have fulfilled this limitation and now we can do all kinds of shopping by using them and can pay the amount back to the credit card company. 

Today, we are going to discuss one of the types of credit cards which is the purchase of Credit cards. If you are thinking of getting a credit card that saves your money and demands no extra interest rate then this credit card is best for you.

You can take help from to compare different credit cards and select the best one for you.  

Working on Purchase Credit Cards

An efficient working credit card that is specially designed for people who love shopping is a purchase credit card. this credit card allows you to make all kinds of purchases and scatter money for a long time. Some of the Purchase credit cards allow users to enjoy an interest-free period.

This period can vary from card to card and can be of 3 months 6 months or even one year etc. The most amazing fact about these types of credit cards is that the transferred amount, transaction amount, and crash withdrawals will not be considered purchases. 

These types of cards prove to be very helpful, especially for those people who have to make a large number of purchases but don’t want the interest rates to be beyond their budget. Hence they can enjoy the interest-free period for sometimes and then the interest rate will be changed after the specific period.

Why Choose Purchase Credit Cards? 

Although the inbuilt feature of a purchase credit card is somehow similar to the other credit cards, it has some more prominent features that made it distinct in the Norwegian market. 

  • Let you spread your purchase cost over a long time
  • You don’t have to postpone your shopping
  • All your purchases ranging from 100£ to 30,000£ will be protected by section 75

Most Popular Purchase Credit Cards

There are further types of purchase credit cards with unique and distinct features as compared to other credit cards. Given is a small discussion about every popular and efficient working purchase credit card from HSBC. So let us have a look at them:

Rewards Credit Card 

A reward credit card is a type of credit card that provides you with a reward whenever you do shopping. You can collect all the reward points and then use the rewards app to add up all your points toward purchases. Moreover, you can get a 0% interest period by making a balance transfer in the first 60 days. 


  • Balance transfer provides a 0% interest rate
  • Rewards points will be given to users
  • All the purchases require a 0% interest rate

Premier Credit Card 

Premier Credit cards are very beneficial for people who remain travelling most of the time. This card can help them to save money by utilizing all the travel expenses with a 0% interest rate and they will also be provided with rewards points.


  • Offer 18 months of interest-free period on every purchase
  • Rewards will be given on purchases
  • Transfer balance along with no interest rate

Purchase Plus Credit Card

This credit card is considered the top working card as it allows users to enjoy an interest-free period of about 23 months. The allotted credit limit of purchase plus credit card will depend on the affordability and status of the credit user. 


  • No annual fee is demanded
  • Offer 23 months of interest-free period on every purchase 
  • Allow users to transfer balances without any interest rate

Ending Thoughts 

If you need a credit card that allows you to enjoy all the features in a single platform then purchasing credit cards is best for you. We have tried to discuss every aspect of a purchase credit card in our article above. Moreover, three popular and demanding types of purchase credit cards are also mentioned above. 


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